Lift high the red banner of the women’s struggle!

Yesterday PWM- MFP attended the annual Women’s March which actually turned out to be a misnomer because the organizers were too afraid to march without a permit and escort. We have no delusions about the ineffectiveness of events like this. A march or rally should be a moralizing show of force, but due to the reactionary politics of these types of liberal feminists, events such as this one often have the opposite effect.

PWM – MFP seeks to break the hegemonic hold that liberal, bourgeois feminism has over activism and do away with it’s rotten ideology for good. Women deserve to have a movement that will fight for them. We aim to redirect the energy of the fed up and angry masses of working class women into a movement that is willing and capable to be a liberating force. This is why we attended the women’s rally. We engaged with women who are sick of the same toothless NGOs and bought-up activist peddling their defeatist nonsense from their podiums.

It is no surprise that our presence bares a stark difference from the going trend of feminism. No pussy hats, no watered down chants. Our signs displayed revolutionary slogans, and we do not shy away from our politics. It is for this reason that proto-fascist goons such as Infowars and their fan boys showed up to harass us. They crowded around attempting to entice us into a shouting match so as to break our discipline. But their efforts were futile. At one point, one of these pathetic hecklers asked a woman apart of the march “Do you support these communists?” referring to us, and she defiantly said “Yes!” We can only assume that won’t make it in the final edit of their reactionary, fear-mongering video.

Unlike the women who put together such marches, we aren’t interested in gaining electoral seats, running our own business, becoming NGO sell-outs, or being awarded tenure at a college. We have one focus, and that is to fight for our class and to carve out a place for ourselves in the revolution. We understand our only hope for true liberation lay within the defeat of the ruling class. Our concessions awarded to us through the second-wave feminist strategy of electoral politicking are being stripped away from us one by one, proving once again the uselessness of bargaining with the enemy. We firmly believe that you can only negotiate what has been confirmed on the battlefield.

Each action, is an opportunity to steel ourselves in the struggle. We remain resolved to our politics and every demo and encounter we have, we learn what the masses of women need and what they are willing to do to get it. What we need is revolution and we are ready to fight tooth and nail for it.

Lift high the red banner of the women’s struggle!

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