MFP: Defeat the deceitful fascist offensive to criminalize abortion

The following is an unofficial translation of the statement released by Movimento Feminino Popular in Brazil. Read the original article at A Nova Democracia.

MFP: Defeat the deceitful fascist offensive to criminalize abortion
Popular Women’s Movement (MFP), 08 September 2020

“Women carry half the sky on their shoulders and must conquer it.”
Chairman Mao Tsetung

“Bourgeois democracy is a democracy made up of pompous phrases, high-sounding expressions, grandiloquent promises, beautiful words of order of freedom and equality, but in reality, it conceals women’s lack of freedom and equality, their lack of freedom and equality of workers and exploited.”

“Down with this ignoble lie! ‘Equality’ between oppressors and oppressed, between exploited and exploiters is impossible, does not exist and will never exist. There cannot be, there is not, and there will be no true ‘freedom’ as long as women are not released from the privileges that the law recognizes for men, as long as the worker is not released from the yoke of capital, as long as the working peasant is not released from the yoke of the capitalist , the landowner, the merchant.”

“To what extent do liars and hypocrites, imbeciles and blind people, bourgeois and their defenders deceive the people by telling them about freedom, equality, democracy in general!”

“We say to the workers and the peasants: take off the mask of these liars, open the eyes of these blind people. Ask them: Equality of what sex with what sex? Which nation with which nation? What class with which class? Freedom from which yoke or yoke of which class? Freedom for which class?”
Lenin,  “The Soviet Power and the situation of women”

Eduardo Pazuello, one of the odious leaders in charge of the old Brazilian reactionary state, published on August 27th an ordinance from the Ministry of Health that forces doctors to notify the police before performing a legal abortion on rape victims. The narrow-minded and reactionary logic of this government, which increasingly tends to fascism, turns the woman of the people, victim of rape, into a suspected “murderer,” a criminal, simply because she wants to interrupt her pregnancy and not want to experience the torture, for the rest of her life, of generating and giving birth to a child as a result of a crime of cruel violence committed against her.

Not even a week after the atrocity that the State, Church, fundamentalist religious and fascist groups – with the disgusting minister Damares [Alves] on the front line – committed against a ten-year-old raped since she was six, the reactionaries launched this offensive ordinance with all the hatred they have against the women of the people. We would like to repeat here the statement from the weekly editorial of the newspaper A Nova  Democracia 1 which says:  “The promiscuity between religion and the state – expressed in the draconian anti-abortion laws in force and in the immense power that clerical gunmen have over the media – reveals that, entering the 21st century, the political age of our republic has not yet reached 1789. The demented mob howling against the termination of the pregnancy of a 10-year-old girl, raped since she was 6, illustrates the bottom of the prehistoric abyss in which we find ourselves.”

A few days before the publication of the attack on the rights of the women of the people, the high heads of the Churches (Catholic and Evangelical), enriched at the expense of the exploitation of the faith of the masses, involved in all kinds of trickery, including covering up permanent pedophilia under their cassocks, embedded in the power structures of the old state, which lay secularly in the dead letter of the Constitution, gave their sentence, condemning women who practice abortion and even a child as sinners! Bishop Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo, president of the CNBB (National Confederation of Bishops of Brazil), revealed how much we still live in the feudal anachronism of the manipulation of the religious faith of the masses, affirmed that “Sexual violence is terrible, but the violence of abortion is not justified, given all the existing resources and made available to guarantee the lives of the two children (sic).” We ask Dom Walmor: what do he and the high heads of the Catholic Church understand about children and motherhood? Of the dramas of raising a son or daughter in an extremely violent society against the people, facing human misery in every way on each day of existence in this world here, on Earth itself, which is violently real? Here it is clear how the high hierarchies of the church want not only to insulate and control the women of the people at home, imprisoned in domestic work, excluded from all social practice, from the class struggle, from the struggle for production and scientific experimentation, but also to control the woman’s own body and prevent her from deciding at least what she can and cannot do with her body, her life, reducing women to mere incubators.

It is not surprising that people trained in this reactionary ideology make statements like that of Father Ramiro José Perotto, from Carlinda (MT), about the same case:  “Do you believe that the girl is innocent? Do you believe in Santa Claus too? 6 years, for 4 years and said nothing. Of course I liked it. Please [lol], you like to give, so take the consequences.”  This disgusting being does not know that a raped child does not know how to defend herself, she is threatened, she feels that she will be condemned by this society, and that children and women who have been abused for years take this secret to the coffin because of their fear of condemnation by people with misogynist mentality like this. The same sexist and patriarchal mentality condemns women as second-class beings, an incapable human being yet guilty of all the evil that exists in humanity as a representation of Eve who ate the forbidden fruit. Sordid!

It is important to highlight that this position of the high heads of the Churches is not, by far, the representation of the deepest feelings of the popular masses of our country. The women of our people, who are religious, feel the pain of all the violence suffered by this child, as if it were their own pain, because this is not a casual, sporadic problem, outside the curve. It is the reality that prevails in every street or field area in that country. It is an expression of this class society, of exploitation, which dominates the semi-feudal and semi-colonial ideology, with all its patriarchalism, misogyny and machismo. The reality is that a huge number of adult women were once abused children, and who knows how many had to give birth and raise children who were the victims of rape. Certainly, deep in the soul, most of the women of our people have condemned and condemn every armed circus against this child, they feel all this violence as aggression against themselves and their children, accumulating in class revolt.


The fascist anti-abortion crusade is part of an ideological offensive, with the aim of criminalizing women who practice terminating unwanted pregnancies. It is a fascist and deceptive offensive, a denial of science. For the past few decades, fundamentalist religious groups, linked to the most blatant fascism, have spent a lot of money on campaigns they call “pro-life.” They are screwing up the lives of the women of the people and their children in the most blatant hypocrisy of the supposed “defense and protection” of children and adolescents, while they close their eyes to the misery in which the vast majority of the people live on the face of the earth, to so to keep their exploitation and oppression, their lives of luxury, with “clean consciences.” There are hundreds of so-called “pro-life” organizations, NGOs, and churches with enough money to make film productions to condemn and criminalize the women of the people and those who support them.

In Brazil, the minister Damares, with more than a decade within the old-fashioned official state policy, advising deputies on creating laws against the rights of women and the people in general, takes the front line of this deceitful campaign. Now as minister, she has the old state machine and the instruments to launch this offensive even more effectively. In a ministerial meeting of April 22, she says : “At this time of pandemic, we’re there watching the antics of the Supreme Court bring the new abortion to the agenda and there face the question … Women who are victims of zika viruses will abort… And now comes from the coronavirus? Will they want to allow that everyone who has had a coronavirus can abort in Brazil? Are you going to allow it in general? ” That’s right, she shrugs off the genocide against the Brazilian people, of which she is a participant, with more than 124,000 killed by the state that denies adequate treatment and tests for the population to protect themselves from the coronavirus, to assault the rights of women. It is not surprising, because it is everything that the ruling classes of our country have done: cause the greatest terror in the population with the pandemic creating an environment to further assault the nation and attack all the rights of the people in the city and in the countryside with a real undeclared war.

After this declaration by Damares, the Supreme Court, this supreme injustice court against our people, part of that old state that must be overthrown, unanimously rejected, on May 1 this year, the judgment on the merits of two actions regarding the possibility of abortion by women with Zika virus, a condition that can lead to the delivery of children with microcephaly. The Zika virus, one of the many epidemics that affect our people due to the semi-feudal and semi-colonial condition of our country, causes terrible damage to women, particularly. Hundreds of local women, infected during pregnancy, produce children with malformation and anencephaly. Once again, the poor woman is condemned for the rest of her life to live in a situation of extreme suffering, because she cannot choose whether or not to have an abortion. These people want women to live with the torture of a nine-month gestation of a child who will be born dead or have a very short lifespan.


We return to the ordinance of the Ministry of Health that attacks women of the people who need to resort to abortion. The ordinance requires doctors and health professionals to make a police report and collect evidence that the woman was raped, a process before, at least theoretically, was not mandatory. What are the consequences of this? That the abused woman will think a thousand times before entering a hospital to request care for termination of pregnancy. If before, she could think of having the luck to find health professionals who would treat her with respect and dignity, now she must, in addition to experiencing the anguish of not being able to terminate the pregnancy, also the embarrassment of proving that she was raped to get the procedure performed. The ordinance also mandates that the woman must be coerced towards not to having an abortion with the protocols listed by the ministry for health professionals before the procedure, with all the bureaucracy, psychological pressure, signing of terms of responsibilities, etc. The woman will think, “What if I can’t prove that I was raped? Will I be arrested and convicted? ” Yes, this is the narrow-minded and reactionary logic of the Ministry of Health that turns the victim into a defendant.

Women of the people will prefer to be at risk of death, using unsafe methods of abortion, than to face the police. After all, here we are talking about a police that rapes women every day in this country, the most recent case is from the sergeant of the Military Police (PM), Leonardo Lourenço da Silva who raped a music producer in the south of Rio de Janeiro. The woman reported to the G1 press monopoly that she had difficulties registering the police report (BO) at the 12th Police Station (Copacabana),  “all the time they (policemen) played tricks to test me and see if I was lying, every time I recognized him, they exchanged the photo, that was very humiliating ” reported the woman. Our comrade Remis Carla, an MFP and MEPR activist, cowardly murdered by her ex-boyfriend in December 2017, a month before her murder, had filed a complaint at a woman’s police station denouncing her ex-boyfriend’s threats and assaults. However, the police were sarcastic towards our comrade, even suggesting that she forged the marks of aggression on her arm with pen ink.

Let us remember here the words of our great comrade, leader and founder of the MFP, Sandra Lima in an interview with the newspaper A Nova Democracia: “History shows that the police raped political prisoners in Brazil and around the world, ‘ordinary’ prisoners also give this complaint at all times. The abused woman is trivialized and harassed in any police station. (…) The police were created and are paid to oppress, kill, arrest, repress the people and to rape the women of the people as well. As for the police, I always reaffirm that I am suspicious, suspicious again and, finally, suspicious again. This is the position of the great majority of the people. (…) We see that there was never protection for women from that old state, quite the opposite. In the 1988 penal code it was rape only if there was penetration and the presence of sperm; if the woman screamed and the rapist smothered her breath and she died, it was not considered a crime of murder, but only rape ” 2.

This is the treatment that the police and the old state give to the women of the people. We affirm that it is against the women of the people because the rich, those who make up the ruling classes of that country, the great bourgeoisie and the latifundium, always in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, do not experience this problem, in the hypocrisy of their semi-feudal and bourgeois ideology, while inciting fascist campaigns against the right of women to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, calling even raped children who terminate the pregnancy “murderers,” practice abortion left and right whenever they need it, with all the security that money gives them, paying for well-equipped clinics, without running the risk of death, keeping the condition of “family” and “respectable” woman intact before “society,” always receiving the “forgiveness of God” in the sacrament of confession, being granted to them the privilege of not facing the police and a court accused of “murder.”


Opportunists and revisionists from all walks of life, including all bourgeois and petty bourgeois feminism, and even short-sighted people who fail to make a scientific analysis of our country’s historical, economic and social development, seek to explain these attacks on women’s rights as a step backwards in Brazilian “democracy.” They consider the period of [the Worker’s Party]’s management in the direction of the old state to be “a great historical advance.” That government did not make a single crack in the economic-social structure of secular exploitation and oppression of our country, on the contrary, sustained the power of the great bourgeoisie, of the latifundium, surrendering our nation to imperialism, mainly Yankee, deceived and used all ideological, legal, police, military structure against the proletarian, semi-proletarian masses, peasants and the petty bourgeoisie in general. Even when it comes to decriminalizing abortion, what did they do? Nothing! On the contrary, it advanced in counterinsurgent legislation, against the people in general, criminalizing all popular struggle, generating the serpent’s egg. These are the same ones who pretend to defend the rights of women, but support and reproduce the whole social base that generates all types of violence against the women of the people.

There is not and never has been democracy in Brazil for the popular masses. What exists, and has always existed, is democracy for the ruling classes and bloody dictatorship against the popular masses, sometimes dressed up as “demoliberal,” now with its face of an open fascist regime. What is missing for women and our people in general is a true and New Democracy. The New Democracy can only come from a revolutionary process that begins by destroying, step by step, the power of the latifundium, giving land to those who live and work there, in a process of agrarian revolution, together with the masses of the city based on the peasants’ and workers’ alliance. It is necessary to bring down the three mountains of oppression that the Brazilian people carry on their backs: semi-feudalism, bureaucratic capitalism and imperialism. By destroying these three mountains of exploitation and oppression, we will also destroy a fourth mountain that weighs on the shoulders of the women of the people: sexual oppression. The New Power, like New Democracy, will change the economic and social foundations, transform domestic work into a social industry and put the masses of women of our people on an equal footing with the men of our class. This is the real power we fight for, class power, and not this fallacy of “empowerment” with which all reactionaries chorus. This power has nothing to do with believing in the rotten and corrupt electoral process, but rather, it advances popular organization inch by inch, directed by the all-powerful ideology of the proletariat as its vanguard. At the present moment in our country, when the ruling classes are advancing with the preventive military coup to the inevitable uprising of the masses, in a reactionary offensive, it is necessary to elevate the popular organization and, within it, that of women. The ruling classes will never be able to destroy the anger and fury that is based on centuries of exploitation and oppression. All violence suffered by the women of the people is more fuel for popular rebellion. All reactionaries will pay dearly for every act of cowardice and cruelty!

For the decriminalization of abortion and the right of women to safe and free abortion now!

Comrade Sandra Lima, present in the fight!
Comrade Remis Carla, present in the fight!
Neither Bolsonaro, nor Mourão, nor congress and corrupt judiciary! Out with reactionary Armed Forces! Long live the New Democratic Revolution!
It is right to rebel!
Awaken the revolutionary fury of women as the driving force of the revolution!

MFP – Women’s Popular Movement
September 2020

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