Austin: MFP Celebrates Working Mother’s Day with Community Cook-Out

On Mother’s Day weekend, Popular Women’s Movement (PWM) held a community barbecue outside the Booker T. Washington Terrace Apartments to celebrate working mothers.

“We are out here (…) to celebrate mother’s day, and working women not just here but all around the world,” a member of PWM told the gathering of women and children. Working mothers have been some of those hit the hardest by the economic crisis, and many have lost their jobs or had their hours cut, and are less likely to be able to return to work.

“This year has been hard on women, but we have not been taking it lying down,” said an activist, “These women here are incredible, they have been fighting nonstop.”

A supportive mother volunteered to grill hamburgers and hot dogs for the event. Activities were planned for the children of the complex, including coloring sheets with revolutionary themes oriented towards children. Children also helped decorate a banner that said, “Working Mothers Deserve More!”

One child spoke about his mother to Tribune, saying, “My mom is really helpful. She takes care of us, she feeds us, she’s trying to make money, and she’s doing her best to take care of us.”

With many children forced from school into the home by the economic crisis and pandemic over the course of the last year, the balancing of work and childcare has become a major burden for women of the working class. “It was hard having to deal with everything at one time- the pandemic, school, work, housekeeping, kids,” said a mother at the complex, “We have to take a stand.”

PWM had previously supported families at the Booker T. Apartments over the course of the unnatural disaster following the winter storm, when they organized aid with tenants who were without power for a week.

“We know that our oppression is directly built into working class oppression,” said a PWM activist, “We want women to join this fight because we know that this affects them directly and it’s going to take all of us to actually make change happen.”

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