The Ultimate Class Enemy

Regarding the case of violent, sexist cop Dusterhoft Jason Duane Dusterhoft is the quintessential abusive, misogynist, coke-snorting cop. He started working for APD back in 1995 and eventually became head pig of the southeast Region 4 district. From the beginning, Dusterhoft was a walking embodiment of arrogance and corruption, characteristics that guarantee a promising careerContinue reading “The Ultimate Class Enemy”

Lift high the red banner of the women’s struggle!

Yesterday PWM- MFP attended the annual Women’s March which actually turned out to be a misnomer because the organizers were too afraid to march without a permit and escort. We have no delusions about the ineffectiveness of events like this. A march or rally should be a moralizing show of force, but due to theContinue reading “Lift high the red banner of the women’s struggle!”

Popular Women’s Movement – Movimiento Femenino Popular

Founding Statement  “No one should be surprised that not all women unite in a single feminist movement. Feminism necessarily has different colors, different trends. One can distinguish three main trends in feminism, three substantive colors: bourgeois feminism, petit-bourgeois feminism, and proletarian feminism. Each of these feminisms made their demands in a different way. Bourgeois womenContinue reading “Popular Women’s Movement – Movimiento Femenino Popular”