International Working Women’s Day Statement

canto-grande-shining-womenYou cannot have a revolution without two things: bloodshed and the participation of women. Women of the oppressed classes have been present every step of the way, fighting alongside their male counterparts in the name of progress and equality. This people’s war is fought even when that means taking men of the oppressed classes to task for their own backward treatment of women. And today we continue to do this under capitalism.

German revolutionary Clara Zetkin who brought forward the idea of the first International Working Women’s day in 1910 said “If during the Age of the Family, a man had the right to tame his wife occasionally with a whip, capitalism is now taming her with scorpions.” When women joined the workforce, they were upgraded from property into cheap labor, low waged competitors against working men.

We know our problems aren’t a matter of men versus women, or simply higher wages. The problem is capitalism and these ruling class capitalists want us divided, in order to have a stronghold on our ENTIRE working class. Although wealthy women can sometimes be found joining forces with our class for better treatment of women as a whole, there always comes a time where they use our necks as a stepping stone for profit and power. And this is why we aren’t interested in endorsing politicians like AOC and we aren’t going to lie to your faces and tell you voting is the way to liberation. We are done being pawns in their conquest for power.

We need to fight and defeat capitalism if we are going to see the end to working women’s oppression. We need a revolution.

We aren’t the first women to come to these conclusions. Women have been taking up the fight against capitalism since it became the dominant economic force. For example, women in China who were once sold by their families for food and were mutilated by foot binding, heroically joined the Red Army to defeat the US backed Chang-Kai-Shek and his warlord mercenaries. These mercenaries hunted women who were suspected of being in the Red Army. They were raped and tortured to death by Chang-Kai Shek’s forces but these brave women fighters casted fear aside and claimed their place on the right side of history.

Another example is when thousands of women factory workers took to the streets of Petrograd, Russia on THIS DAY over a hundred years ago to strike against harsh working conditions, the oppressive Tsarist government, and World War I. The fury of women workers on this day sparked the beginnings of Russia’s first socialist revolution.

We know a better world is possible and we won’t give up, just like these women before us, we are going to fight for it! For ourselves, our children, our neighbors, for the women across the world, for women who are being trafficked and sold, for the exploited, and all the women throughout history who fought, bled, and died for us and our rights and ability to continue fighting! We’re done crying! we’re done voting! We’re angry- and we’re going to unleash our anger as a force for revolution!

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