Revolutionary reading

Marxism, Mariategui and the Women’s Question
PWM-MFP adopts this as our foundational text. We encourage everyone to read this text as a basis for understanding our political line on the women’s question and the history of women’s oppression. We host semi-regular study groups on this document as essential reading for those who wish to understand our general political outlook.

Prostitution is Sexual Violence
This document analyzes and explains how the sex trade objectively harms women collectively and how it cannot exist without the hatred and sexual objectification of women. This document is particularly important for those who find themselves struggling to understand the full scope of the sex trade and why revolutionary women’s organizations do not support it.

Only in Conjunction With the Proletarian Woman Will Socialism Be Victorious
Written in 1898 by Clara Zetkin, this is a succinct class analysis of the importance and necessity of women’s participation in socialist revolution to defeat capitalism.

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