A Woman’s Place is in the Fight!

Working women must combat the abortion ban through vigorous class struggle As imperialism enters a severe crisis, the bourgeoisie uses the coronavirus pandemic as a diversion and method to control the population with fear. Additionally, emboldened right-wing politicians in Texas and other states are exploiting this crisis to attack women’s rights. In the face ofContinue reading “A Woman’s Place is in the Fight!”

Abortion Bans During a Crisis is an Attack Against Women

Capitalists are inherently opportunists and will stop at no lengths to use any crisis plaguing the working class to further exploit people. This past Monday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton used fears of coronavirus to support Governor Greg Abbot’s mandate to ban abortion, stating “no one is exempt from the governor’s executive order on medicallyContinue reading “Abortion Bans During a Crisis is an Attack Against Women”